Reaching Out

"For all of the internationals who have come to Palestine, to those who haven't, and even those who cannot come . . . :"

"For us as Palestinians, your presence here is very important... even if there are no actions or activities, your talking with us is no less important than participating in any actions in support of our struggle. We like to talk to internationals, we like them to know about our suffering, we like them to understand how we are struggling, and the reasons why we struggle....

Paperback Profile: The International Solidarity Movement

For me as a Palestinian, I feel it is too boring to talk with other Palestinians about my problems such as checkpoints and curfew, because she\he is facing the same things I face. Through talking with internationals I realize that they wanted to hear from me, which will give me more positive meaning and hopes for the coming days. I don't know how this happens, but this is what we feel when talking to you, friends...

Our morale is the major weapon that can achieve miracles - our morale will be high while talking with you and feeling that you feel the same as us. Doctors help the injured people and they are very important to treat them. In the same way, you are doctors, but in a different way - you are the doctors of spirit... The few words that you say for the people here leave an echo in our spirits and mean so much to us... actions, activities, talking and listening, being here supporting us, each one is no less than the other. "