Summary Executions - part 483

September 8, 2003:

A boy of 17, shot by Israeli soldiers, is left to bleed to death overnight . . . [Source: Palestine Monitor]

The bullet ridden corpse of Mohammad Abdullah Abu al-Husni, was found yesterday morning near the town of Jabaliya, where he lived in Gaza.

According to local medical sources, seventeen-year-old Mohammad was shot several times in his legs on Saturday evening, while walking past an Israeli military post in Gaza. As he lay on the ground Mohammad used his mobile phone to call an ambulance. However, Israeli soldiers held back the ambulance, preventing the medics from attending the boy.

    Déja vu - Nablus 26 April 2003  

While he remained conscious, emergency medical staff tried to communicate by phone how best Mohammad could treat his own injuries. Each time Mohammad attempted to move, soldiers in the nearby military post shot again at his legs.

The boy was left unattended where he lay throughout Saturday night and was dead by the time medics were able to reach him on Sunday morning. Local Palestinians who found him reported a body riddled with bullets, Mohammad obviously having received live ammunition to his head, neck and stomach during the night.

The cold blooded murder of this 17 year old boy is the four hundred and eighty-third killing of a Palestinian minor since the beginning of the Intifada. 470 Palestinian children have died at the hands of Israeli Soldiers, 315 as a result of being shot at with live ammunition.